Watch this webinar in English language on 17 June 2020 at 9:00.

  • Are you wondering how you can improve your website so that visitors will be coming back?
  • Do you spend a lot of your time answering questions from visitors to your website or internet store?
  • Are you answering similar questions over and over again?

Get a chatbot to do it for you. Make asnwering question and first information, even collecting data easier. Adding a chatbot to your website or online store – a chat robot that will take on the role of the first informant and collect information about your visitors wil increase your sales, save time and lower your costs. If your business receives a lot of queries daily, the chatbot can relieve the customer support team while helping them work with customers. A bot never gets tired of directing visitors through your website to the right product, advise the customer and help convince them to complete the purchase, day and night.

The chatbot will gather data for you to optimize your content and organize your funnels to skyrocket your sales. You just »teach« your chatbot the quetsions to recognize your customer’s needs and direct them to the unique solution only you can provide and even make the sale for you. It will never improvise, always have the right answer and never get tired of the same objection.

Learn about the chatbots  from the chatbot guru Dominique Hoogsteder, the Belgium web marketing wonder who will present the advantages of using chat robots in more detail in this webinar.

How does a chatbot work?

A chatbot or chat robot is an assistant that communicates via text messages. It is built into the website and helps businesses by immediately communicating with website visitors. Today, we face users that are more and more demanding who want immediate answers and quick response.

The heart of the chat robot consists of artificial intelligence (AI), and its functionalities use Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning and Sentiment Analysis.


  • Owners of websites and webstores who want to gove their users a better experience.

  • Anyone who wants to learn about more advanced technology and innovations in conversational marketing.

  • Website owners who want to get to know your visitors better and guide them faster through the purchase path to conversion.


  • You will learn what chatbots are and how they work.

  • You will learn examples of good practice where chatbots can contribute greatly to your companies sales.

  • You will learn how to save time and money  with a chatbot and how it will bring a great user experience for your website’ visitors.

About Dominique Hoogsteder

Chatbot guru Dominique Hoogsteder runs his mega successful marketing agency Future Marketing Agency, based in Belgium and operates throughout Europe and elsewhere in the world. His employs chatbots to hotels, car dealerships, real estate agencies, insurance companies and shopping malls, and with the same enthusiasm he also tackles those for smaller businesses salons, other craftsmen and online stores.